Does none of the challenges fit your solution? But do you want to pitch your innovative solution? Then pitch your solution for the wildcard challenge!

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Deadline: 16 March 2020
Status: Deadline verlopen
Prijzen(geld): Wildcard Matchmaking event, pilotproject

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Wildcard Matchmaking event, pilotproject

deadline verlopen

Does none of the current challenges fit your potential solution? But do you want to pitch your innovative solution to leading companies in the Food & Flower industry? Then pitch your solution here!

Twelve leading companies from the Dutch Food & Flower industry are currently affiliated with HortiHeroes. Six of these partner companies actively participate in the HortiHeroes Innovation Hub.

Every year the HortiHeroes Innovation Hub publishes challenges in subsequent rounds. At this moment the 2nd challenge round is open with 4 specific challenges around the theme of automation and optimization.

Does none of these challenges fit your solution but do you believe that you do have a proven innovative solution that horticultural companies should definitely hear about? Then this Wildcard Challenge offers the possibility for that!

Your pitch will be reviewed by the affiliated companies from the Food & Flower industry. If one of the companies sees a match with a project in their company, you will receive a 'wild card' for the Matchmaking Event during the HeroFestival on 16 April 2020. They then invite you to meet at this event to discuss the possibilities for collaboration.

What are the Food & Flower companies looking for?

  • Concrete innovative solutions that have already proven themselves at other Food & Flower companies or in other sectors and that provide answers to current challenges within the sector. 
  • Does your startup / scale-up have a working innovation, and do you have a fitting business case? Then pitch your solution and business case!

What are the Food & Flower companies not looking for?

  • In this Wildcard Challenge, companies are not looking for ideas / concepts / prototypes that have not yet proven themselves in practice. 
  • Advisory services.

What can you win?

  • Wildcard for the Matchmaking Event on April 16, 2020
  • One or more matchmaking conversations with the affiliated partner companies
  • Pilot project with one or more affiliated partner companies.

What can you expect when you submit a pitch?

  • All affiliated partner companies have access to the pitches submitted to the Wildcard Challenge. The intention is that they view the submitted pitches with one or more people to assess whether they see a possible match with a project within their company. However, it is not an obligation. It may therefore be that not all partner companies view your pitch.
  • If a partner company sees a possible match, you will receive a wildcard for the Matchmaking Event to get acquainted. 
  • If you are not invited, you will also be notified. This message will not explain why you have not been invited, as this may differ per company. Correspondence about this is not possible. Partner companies will only invite those start-ups / scale-ups that they think there is a possible match with a project within their company. 
  • If you are not invited, this does not mean that they do not find your innovation solution good or not interesting, but do not currently see a match with a project in their company.


Do you have any questions? Ask them via the discussion page.


Your pitch (max. 5 A4 / 15 slides) 

  • Describe your innovative solution / product as clear as possible (max. 2 A4). 
  • Describe the added value of your solution (max. 2 A4) based on a business case or success cases.
  • Give a short description of your team (max. 1 A4).

The pitch may be submitted in free form (presentation / slide deck, letter form), but must be uploaded as a PDF file (landscape or portrait A4) (max. 30MB). Videos, example websites, etc. can be included as a link.

Pitches in Dutch and English are allowed.


What should you take into account in your pitch document?

  • Keep in mind that several partner companies will look at your pitch, but please do not make an offer for several companies at the same time. Each company will look at the pitch separately.
  • In addition to the partner companies that are now connected, there may be companies that later on will join the HortiHeroes Innovation Hub. If you want your pitch to be removed at a later stage, this of course is possible.


  • January 20, 2020 Launch challenge
  • Monday, March 16, 2020 at 5:00 PM: Deadline challenge
  • Thursday 2 April 2020 announcement wildcards for Matchmaking Event
  • Thursday, April 16, 2020: Matchmaking Event: live pitch / introductory meeting during HeroFestival
  • From the end of April 2020: development of possible cooperation


Do you have any questions? Ask them via the discussion page.

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