Wanted: Digital Service Partner for AI and ML solutions in high-tech greenhouses or indoor farms

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Deadline: 16 maart 2020 voor 17:00
Reward: Pilot max. €25.000,- + Network & Expertise

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Pilot max. €25.000,- + Network & Expertise

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To further optimize the core processes of our greenhouse & indoor farming customers, we are looking to amplify our domain knowledge and unique environmental control with state-of-the-art digital services including algorithm based solutions. You can think of topics like yield prediction, pest/disease warning and detection, labor optimization and automated control. Around these topics there is still a lot of knowledge to gain around digital plant profiling. We are looking for optimal ways to achieve this with the help of (for example) vision techniques, phenotyping and digital crop registrations. 


Current data gathering:

  • Manual input – Crop registration data (length of the plant etc)
  • Registrated with scanner - labor data
  • Climate computer with connected sensors - indoor/outdoor climate, water, energy.

We are looking for solutions in high-tech greenhouses or indoor farms (without daylight). Currently most facilities don’t make use of camera’s, because it is quite expensive and in cases impractical.


What are we looking for?
Working prototypes, algorithms with or without machine vision and sensoring techniques, to meet the needs described in the challenge description.

What are we not looking for?
Ideas and non functioning prototypes.

What is in it for me?

  • Access to the worlds largest greenhouse customer base
  • Cooperation with our teams to bring a joint proposition towards the market including financing of these projects
  • Possibility to join our platform and have access to cloud connected customers
  • Maximum of EUR 25k funding per qualified startup



  • Formed a legal entity
  • Be able to demonstrate a working prototype
  • Demonstrated the concept with beta customers
  • Scalable concept

Your submission (max 6 pages / 18 slides)

  • Clear indication of what you have done (actually achieved) versus what it could become
  • Concrete description of the concept
  • Describe how you validated the concept
  • Describe what effort it would take to go to the next stage of your prototype and what do you need from us
  • Introduction to the team

Do you have remaining questions? Ask them on the Discussion page.


  • 20th January 2020: Launch challenge
  • Monday 16th March 2020 17:00: Deadline challenge
  • Thursday 2nd April 2020: Announcement selected pitchers and wildcards for Matchmaking Event
  • Thursday 16 April 2020: Matchmaking Event & live-pitch/meet-up

Do you have remaining questions? Ask them on the Discussion page.

Frank Korf 11-02-2020
Hi - is there a (sample) dataset available to help in development of an algorithm?

Phil by Priva 24-02-2020
Dear Frank, Thanks for your question. In the case you will be selected, then there will be a sample dataset. Best regards, Teus Jan

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